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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Week eight - March 23 2008

As you can see, I'm still wandering in the snow. As the snow melts, winters changes are uncovered. Here a cow skull surfaces from the snow.
Small image but could not pass it up. Plants hold the heat of the sun melting the snow around them a little faster than the rest.
To me, it is the little things in life that sometimes are the best.


Aasha said...

Love your blog. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I am liking this blog Leifs from germany

Paul Bernard said...

Thanks for posting on my blog.

Am genuinely impressed with your pics. I am a spare time snapper, but not close to your level.

What camera/gear do you use?

Steve Ballmer said...

I love your pictures, good blog!

Dale said...

Hey, that's all right! We can share the blog name (Dale's Page).

I enjoyed your photographs!
I always wanted to start a photo blog, but I don't like taking the time to upload photos from my camera so often.

Texas Travelers said...

Nice photos. Great concept for a blog. I am going to add you to my check it out favorites blog roll so that I will remember to visit often. I like to see small stuff like this as well as large panoramas.

Keep the blog going. I like your work.


Perry said...

Thanks for the invite to your blog Dave and for looking at mine. I love the skull from last week. And there is still lots of detail in the snow too! Keep up the good blog and please do visit mine when you can! Perry http://perry-myworld.blogspot.com/