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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week Seven - March 16 2008

This is just to make you smile, notice the small black rabbit in front of the dozer - like he was intending to stop it.
An old FORD truck (1950?) sitting in a field. This truck, in its time was useful. Now it just sits and gathers rust.

Got up early on Sunday morning and went for a short drive. This image was taken near the mouth of Dry Canyon east of Smithfield. The sun was just beginning to warm the air to freezing. The truck above was in a field five miles away.


myautumndream said...

lol. the rabbit made me laugh. :D

SimplySarah said...

Your photos are simplistic yet wonderful.


Texas Travelers said...

Tough rabbit.

F & A said...

Thanks for your comments.
You have nice photo`s .
De wild annimals are great!
I follow your site.
Greetings from Aly Holland

F & A said...

Aly Holland