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Monday, January 12, 2009

Week Fortynine

"I believe that everyone has within themselves the power to make this a better world."
-The Lone Ranger


Barb said...

This is such a nostalgic photo. I love old tractors and, yes, snow. The quiet idleness of winter is beautifully captured here.

Eve said...

Me too!
Beautiful photo.

Anonymous said...

Love the tractor ! Nanc

Romany Angel said...

I see you're still getting plenty of snow. Snow seems to put a hush over everything doesn't it and it comes across in photo's. It gives them a peaceful air.

Loved the quote too.

Ann said...

How beautiful, so crisp and lovely a very beautiful winter scene, and such a great verse to accompany it, how apt in todays troubled times.

Krista said...

That gorgeous photo makes me think, "Yes. It's too cold to do any work!" I love the snow from indoors!

Carolynn said...

That's a gorgeous photos. Puts me in a watercolour frame of mind.

I just swung over from Sunny Side Up for a peek. Very nice.