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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week Sixty Eight - Part Two - Tetons.

Have you ever wondered why they
put power poles in the forest?
We found out why today.....
scroll down.

Enough to make you smile and say AHHH?

Sunset image taken by my wife Kathy



Patty said...

I guess Teddy Bear had an itch. I hope you were far enough away from him while taking the photos.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

I love the mountain sunset photo! The bears are impressive as well!

Abe Lincoln said...

Yep, I smiled but wouldn't want to hang around too long that close to a bear. Thanks for the visit.

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The Early Birder said...

My first visit & the back scratcher definitely made me smile.
Had a stroll thro' your images and was very impressed. Well done.
Cheers Frank.


holdingmoments said...

I'm going to have to come back and have a good, long proper look.
Amazing pictures.
The Bear having a scratch really put a smile on my face.
And the faces in an earlier post, great portraits, that capture the character.
Enjoyed my brief visit, but will be back, when more time.

Krista said...

And I was excited to see mating gopher snakes on Memorial Day! I did learn how snakes mate, though, knowledge I could have lived without.

Eve said...

Great photos! The bear scratching post is very funny!