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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week Sixty Six - Robin, Siskin, Owl, Crossbill

A blog to Climb Mt Everest with

Great Horned Owl Chick -
(Three and one half weeks old)
I have been watching them
Female GH Owl -
"You are too close to my babies"

Female Crossbill -
a rare visitor to my area

American Robin

Pine Siskin -
"Ahh, a nice summer shower."

-- -- -- -- -- * -- -- -- -- --
"I have spent my life climbing mountains,
I was told about the other side of them,
That it was better over there.
I found out later that what is on the other side,
was actually in front of me all the time.

I know now, that it is not important, what is over there.
I just need to keep climbing and improving me.
I need to take time to enjoy the present moments.
They are what count.
They are what shape the my future.

Present moments are what make up the other side of my mountain.
They are what make the journey all worth while.

Now when I climb mountains, I look forward some.
I look backwards, some. But most important?
I look all around me - right where I am.
And I smile."

-- -- -- -- -- * -- -- -- -- --
"The preparation is the experience!"

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Anonymous said...

I love the cossbill, and the owls.