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Friday, June 5, 2009

Week Sixty Nine - More Tetons

Red Wing Blackbird above with nest and eggs below.

Pair of Northern Shovelers

"My son,

a man will never learn all he needs
to know with just one experience.

Experiences must pile up, as boulders
do at the foot of the cliff of a man's life.

And as they pile up, each one will give him
insight into the others, giving him the time
he needs to evaluate and to think about them.

In that way only will a man learn the lessons
Wanken tanka (The Great Creator) would have
him learn from the experiences he chooses to give him."
-Blain M. Yorgason


holdingmoments said...

That Red Wing Blackbird is a beauty.

Duane and April said...

Derek ABSOLUTELY LOVES your blog! He's been sitting on my lap the whole time I've been catching up on your pictures. And he's been getting sooo... excited about all of the pictures with animals. He keeps wanting me to go back so he can look at them again. :)