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Friday, July 10, 2009

Week Seventy Five - Pioneer Trek

Took and went with 300 or so youth
on a Pioneer Trek pulling handcarts.
Got just a small taste of what the real
Pioneers faced.

It was a life changing experience - beyond words...


holdingmoments said...

Pin sharp shot.
I bet that was hard work pulling that.

Bubba said...

Wow that is incredible! What an awesome experience for the youth, and you of course! That is what life is all about!

Anonymous said...

I too have been on one of these treks. It made me appreciate a little better the things I have in this world but more importantly it made me realise a little better things of a Spiritual nature. I saw and felt things that I would never have imagined.

Texas Travelers said...

Great photo and really sharp enlarged. I like the cropping.

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Anonymous said...

When are we going to see the shots from the Tetons.