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Monday, November 9, 2009

More wandering in the Mountains.

Not much green left anywhere but,
the snow is mostly gone for now.
Morning Cloak Butterfly
soaking the last bit of
warm out of the sun.
Snowshoe Hare all dressed in
white for the winter.
We were looking for Elk on this trip.
We found quite a few but not
long enough to get a photograph.
Just quick glimpses through the trees and brush.
Just a long enough look to go 'uha' and then they
were gone, running through the heavy timber.
Easy to hear, track and follow but tough to photograph.


holdingmoments said...

I'd love to wander round there. It looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for dropping by at my blog. it's a little not updated though since i'm experiencing some technical problems here. you're pictures are wonderful. i'm a big fan of photography... especially that one that pays attentions to nature and things around which are left unnoticed. :)