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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Monday Outing "A Grand Day Out"

This post is the result of a day out
for myself and my wife (together :)

You will be able to tell it was a rainy day.

All of these images are with a
"Point and Shoot" Fuji Fine Pix camera

Antelope Island
Yes another trip there OK and I like old trucks.
Found this one in a field
last Saturday when I was out.
Farmington Bay
Wildlife Management area.

Bald Eagles in the Farmington Bay WMA

Unidentified Gull

Bald Eagles on Ice

Unidentified Gull

An adult and an immature Bald Eagle.
Then we changed clothes and got a little more dressed up
and went to a concert at Abravanel Hall.
Row 12 seats 12,14
We are in this photo just to the right of
the orange sculpture in the middle.

It was a great concert.
Then we drove home in the rain, fog and weather.


holdingmoments said...

Sounds like a most enjoyable day out for you both.
It must have been great to see those Bald Eagles like that. One would have me excited; but I counted 6 in that first shot. Wow!

I'm no expert at gull ID, but looking at your unidentified one, makes me wonder if it is a Ring-billed Gull?

KaHolly said...

Looks as though you definitely had a grand day out. And night, too! Covered all you bases, didn't you? I loved seeing the photos of your walk - the herons on the ice crack me up. I never thought I'd see that! And all the eagles in one place. I'll always delight in that! ~karen