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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Along the Bear River, Utah

This photo trip started as a trip to
Smith and Edwards near
Brigham City, Utah to buy
a back pack for a sons 20th
It is one of those
places most men love to go to.
Full of new and modern camping, hunting
and outdoor stuff as well as being an army surplus
store full of gadgets and things...
Black Capped Chickadee Migrating Tundra Swans
We drove to an area where thousands of these
swans were all grouped up, resting and eating.
Judging from the volume of their calls,
they were feeling pretty good.
During summer and winter we seldom see swans
here, but in the spring and fall migrations they
come through by the thousands.
Tundra Swans
Bald Eagle
Cassins Finch
"The victory of success is half won
when one gains the habit of setting
goals and achieving them.
Even the most tedious chore will
become endurable as you parade
through each day convinced that
every task, no matter how menial or
boring, brings you closer to fulfilling
your dreams."
-Og Mandino: Author, The Greatest Salesman In the World


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful pictures.I look forward to seeing more of these types of photos.

KaHolly said...

Just lovely. I had to stop and click on each picture to admire them "up close and personally". I'd love to see hundreds of tundra swans. They looked so cool walking on the ice. The eagle picture is a classic, and how sweet is that Cassins Finch? Delightful post today. Did you find just the right backpack? Happy 20th to your son. ~karen

holdingmoments said...

Lovely selection of your birds.

The Black Capped Chickadee is very much like our Coal Tit over here.

It's Time to Live said...

Ruth - I will try to deliver ;) Thanks for the visit.
KaHolly - Thanks for your kind comments and yes we found the perfect back pack.

Holding moments - If I had the funds we would come over and check out your birds first hand.

holdingmoments said...

If you ever do, let me know. I'd love to show you round my local patches.

ShySongbird said...

You have a great blog here and some beautiful photos. I enjoyed looking at the lovely birds on this post. The Eagle looks very impressive and the Finch is so pretty.

jeannette stgermain said...

All beautiful - but especially the tundra swans- and sure it was even more interesting in reality!

Protege said...

Beautiful photography. You have captured the birds so well and I know from experience that it is not easy.
I love the title of your lovely blog.

Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment.;)


Eki said...

I'm returning your visit and comment on my blog a couple of days ago. You have magnificent bird and nature photographs this blog. And I definitely LOVE the description on the header of your blog. Very true! Viva photography.

Chris said...

Wow fantastic picture. I will sign for the bald eagle and the tundra swan... Beautiful species. you got a very ncie post. Congrats.

leazwell said...

The BCCs are abundant here in VA, delightful birds.