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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The sun was out, the birds were out, we were out...

White Pelicans fishing

Marsh Wren looking for a mate.
Snowy Egret
White Pelican
American Avocet
There was no shortage of swallows today.
Thousands of them gathering mud for nests,
perching in the "tree" (only tree)
Eating insects and mosquitoes, Thanks.
Yellow Headed Blackbird
Cormorant fishing
These images represent the short list
of all we actually saw.
It was a nice day out, the sun cooperated
somewhat except when I really needed it!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I wish Jake and I could have joined you.The pictures are lovely,especially the Swallow tree.Have a day filled with joy.

holdingmoments said...

Great post Dale. I do love to see the different birds you have there.
The American Avocet are beauties.
And so many Swallows. That tree must be creaking under their weight.

Krista said...

It always amazes me when people know the names of all those birds. I would have known one. So gorgeous!

JoLynne Lyon said...

Wow. Those are some beautiful shots.

Emma Anderson said...

The American avocet and the yellow-headed blackbird are both very handsome.

DeNae said...

I want you to know, this will be the first photo blog I sign up to follow. You're brilliant. Thank goodness you came by my blog! If you read my profile you saw that you have the one blogging gift that I lack so comprehensively it's amazing I'm even allowed on the internet.

I could lose both hands in an industrial accident, have to wield the camera with my feet, and still somehow manage to photograph my thumb instead of the intended subject.

It's terribly, terribly sad.

(And on a totally unrelated subject, my oldest is at Utah State. You've probably seen him. Tall kid, brown hair, not writing his final papers cuz he wants to be a car wash attendant for the rest of his life? Yeah, that's the one.)

Chris said...

This is a fantastic post for a beautiful day. All these pictures are very nice and you got to see a lot... I definitively love this American avocet, he is much cuter than our European one.

bayouwoman said...

I love your slogan. Love the overhead blue heron shot. I love the cedar wax wings in another post. And on and on. Thanks for stopping by Bayou Woman today. Yesterday, I had a pair of scarlet tanagers pass through. I would love to do a 30-day photog. trip in Alaska . . . and then Maine . . . .and on and on . . . . Great Blog and photography! BW

Leeloo said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, because now I have found yours and your beautiful photos :)

Granny Sue said...

What amazing photographs. The one of the owl in his nest from a few days ago is my favorite but all of them are breathtaking.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think you would find much to photograph in West Virginia.

Thyra said...

Wow!Such beautiful photos and so many birds youve seen on one tour. That's amazing. Like your slogan.

And I have been looking on your blog this morning. I'm glad I found it the other day. I love all those excellent bird-photos. And I'm crazy about the red-tailed hawk in "A Moment in Time" and what you have written about this moment. A magnificent raptor and a lovely blue sky. You must have needed all your concentration! `)
Cheers and have a nice Sunday!

KaHolly said...

There are some incredible shots, here. Your photographic skills are stunning. You are truly gifted. Check out those swallows, huh? Send them up!! ~karen

jeannette said...

Great pics, each one of them, love the pic where the birds are perched -and the Avocet - a very attractive bird:) thanks for sharing!