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Sunday, May 16, 2010

And then, there he was...

We all like to listen to song birds sing
but do we know or want to know
what is really going on in their world?
It goes something like the following.

"He ladies, here I am and this is my beautiful territory that I
defend from all of those other males of my species. Oh by the way
all you other men go to @&!! and stay away from my lady, my
territory and my tree!"

"Wait, listen."

"Did I hear an answer over there?"

"Stretch, one two."

"Now the legs, got to look great."

"Ah, sing my awsome song again for the ladies to
swoon over and to warn the guys to stay away."

And we thought they just sing
because they are happy?
Western Meadowlark
(Sturnella neglecta)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

A beautiful bird with an equally lovely song.Have a great week.

Krista said...

Beautiful bird in an equally interesting tree - perfect! So gorgeous!

JoLynne Lyon said...

Meadowlarks add so much to summer. Great photos.

Chris said...

Fantastic set of pictures of a beautiful bird. Well done!

holdingmoments said...

Lol I'm sure they do say something along those lines Dale. Loved that.