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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Its raining again, woke up to snow on the
mountains but the sun was out today
off and on. Here is a mix of images.
Lazuli Bunting

Lazuli Bunting (Female)
Great Blue Herons (X3)
Willard Canyon
Small waterfall in the middle, dark, wet area.
And another waterfall farther up the canyon and around the corner.
Today I was lazy.
Slept in till 8:45 am.
Sat in my chair. Watched rain.
Cleaned my car (some).
Sat in my chair. Watched hail.
Helped my son with some plumbing.
Sat in my chair. Watched grass grow.
Shopped and got a memory card for camera, couple of shirts.
Sat in my chair. Thought about getting up.
Bought some plants for the flower garden out front.
Sat in my chair. Quick nap.
Signed some paper work for a Boy Scout to do his Eagle Project.
Sat in my chair. Another Quick nap.
Watched bits of Star Wars, while sitting in my chair.
Ate a Wendy's Burger, while sitting in my chair.
Updated this post, while sitting in my chair.
Hit PUBLISH POST, while sitting in my chair...


Krista said...

Aren't chairs great? There you are.....living in your chair. The only thing better is bed with a pillow!

Leeloo said...

Hey, you still got some accomplished! Sometimes I get so lazy I actually feel bad at the end of the day ;)
Great pictures!