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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mule Deer, Antlers, closed land...

If you like Big Mule with
large Antlers, here are a
couple of images that will
make you pause and look.

Sorry about the lack of quality,
these deer were a long way
away, not enough lens and
in an area where we were not
allowed to follow them.

If they had been somewhere else
I would have followed them all
the rest of the day to get a good
clear image. If it killed me!


Lisa RedWillow said...

They really are beautiful.
Even in the distance there is so much beauty.
I loved seeing them here.

John S. Mead said...

It can be so frustrating to have what can be an amazing shot & then not be able to follow them! I had similar experiences in Africa with Black Rhinos..... the shots from several hundred yards away do not have the same impact! Reagardless....Thanks for sharing!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Those are pretty impressive.

holdingmoments said...

But you managed to capture them, that's the main thing.
Impressive antlers on them.

Naturedigital said...

Beautiful animals and great photographs.

Sandra said...

they are just as amazing from a distance as up close.

ADRIAN said...

These are great. Great antlers and great shots.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous! I hope that you do get to capture some up close for us -- we are on the wrong end of the state to see them. :)

Lasse said...

Beautiful pictures in spite of the distance !!

troutbirder said...

Wow. Those are monsters. I used to deer hunt with a bow before I took up hunting birds with a digital. :)

jeannette said...

What a magnificent view these big antlers at the horizon!

Holy Grits! said...

What a beautiful picture. I actually like that they are further away. It sticks to their nature, which makes it perfect in my opinion. Excellent!