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Thursday, January 20, 2011

On the way to work, the Wellsvilles got in the way...

The other morning I got in the car and headed
for work. I got just about to the highway and looked
in front of me and saw the clear sky, clear air and
the Wellsville Mountains.
Keep in mind that work is only
about three miles from my front door.

Work could wait, I turned around and went home to
get my camera. I then drove out into the west fields
and took a series of images as the sun rose behind me
in the East. Below is one of those images with the sun about
half way down the mountain.
People travel half way around the world to see what is
in my front yard. I think I need to climb them again this summer.
Yes, I was late for work.
I stayed later to make up the difference.
It was worth it.

Leo Tolstoy said,
 “The more we live by our intellect,
the less we understand the meaning of life.”
Those who choose the path of humility
during times of crisis will find a loving and
kind God if they are looking.

What they discover as they kneel in
humble prayer with an open mind cannot
be described in words.
If consistently seeking help from the Almighty
they will hear His voice and feel the comfort in their hearts.
This is sort of what I
was thinking as I was
watching the sun rise
on the mountain and
taking photos.
Found this mallard on the way home that evening.
He wouldn't quit posing or leave until I
agreed to take his portrait.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That scene is worth being late for work.Sometimes one just has to do what is most important.

Patty Ann said...

Love that thought!! Love the mountains too. They are just beautiful.

ADRIAN said...

What a place to live. I would never have got to work.

holdingmoments said...

A beautiful view.
I think I'd be late every day lol

JoLynne Lyon said...

After all these years, I never get tired of that view. It was totally worth being late to work.

Kathiesbirds said...

Hey, nice to see you again! I've missed your blog and your pictures of my beautiful Utah, which I miss! I would love to come back and add to my Utah list!

Have you seen Birding is Fun's blog? He just moved to Utah and is birding and blogging from the Salt Lake area. Wonderful light on the mountains. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great shot of the heron in your header photo! Love the quote from Tolstoy. It's so nice to see that you value what is beautiful and natural!

MyMaracas said...

Wow, what a magnificent "front yard" you have. And your photos are wonderful. I'd have run a bit late for this too.

Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind comment!

troutbirder said...

Thanks for stopping by my little Nature blog. It led me here and its always neat to find a kindred spirit. I loved my work (teaching) but now being retired I can commune with nature pretty much anytime and take beautiful pictures like yours. Now if I only had elk so close by... :)