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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some animals, some birds and a write up...

Another quick day out.

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Thanks JoLynne

Barrows Goldeneye
 Moose Calf

Wild Turkey (not very healthy)


KaHolly said...

Congratulations on such a nice interview with JoLynne. I appreciate having a little more insight into your world. Great pictures today. Love the shot of the Barrows. I enlargened it and found it most delightful! Sure looks cold there. ~karen

Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

Beautiful pictures.
Have a nice week.



holdingmoments said...

Great shots again Dale.

Interesting to see the Barrows Goldeneye. We have his cousin here, the Common Goldeneye; very similar.

Great interview too.

JoLynne Lyon said...

Thanks for the mention--my blog has enjoyed some high traffic, so a lot of people must appreciate what you do! I like these photos. Seeing wildlife in the winter always makes me reflect about life and adversity--and how beautiful it can be.

Sandra said...

these are wonderful. WOW a retired zoo keeper. that is way cool for me. i love all things animal. thanks for stopping by my blog

Scott said...

Great shots of the calf. It does look like you're still socked in up there, but the forecast is for that to clear out pretty soon. We can sure hope can't we.

Ginny said...

You are an amazing photographer! And WOW! When I came to your blog and saw that heron header!! So stunning! Of course I appreciate it because I'm a birdwatcher. When I signed on to follow you, I saw my soul sister Sandra! I love your Harold Lee quote below and have copied it.

Barbara L said...

I enjoyed see the photographs. My favorites were of the deer. Beautiful, just beautiful.