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Saturday, October 8, 2011

October 8 2011 SNOW

 This is what we drove through
Saturday afternoon
not very far from home.
The season has changed.

Seems like just the other day we were
in snow that would not leave for
spring to arrive.
Then for a few days it
was hot and now it is fall.

This Photo was taken
August 6th 2011

This photo was taken just one week ago.
September 30th 2011


madcobug said...

That snow looks pretty. We have had only a couple of very light frosts. Helen

holdingmoments said...

So very picturesque; especially the third shot.
Nice bike too. Is it yours?

It's Time to Live said...

yes holdingmoments, the bike is mine, for about seven weeks and 2300 miles now. Had one as a kid and all these years later I was able to get one again.