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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tetons, Golden Eagle, Sandhill Crane, Moose, Etc.

This is where we were.

This is what we came to find.

The next few images are some of what we found.

Then a story.
While tracking the Grizzly Bear, there were some SandHill Cranes
in a marsh area in the forest. One of the Cranes started flying
toward us so I was trying to get the camera up and turned on.
There was a very loud sound coming from behind us that
sounded like a small jet. It was a Golden Eagle stooping down
and turning to get the Crane. It all startled me and I took the
camera down, looked at what was happening and then took
the following images. The camera was set to focus only on the
middle of the view and on one shot. I managed to get off a few
shots in the second that transpired next.
The Eagle chased and hit the Crane but ultimately the Crane got
away and the Eagle went hungry. We were left in the silence
of what had just happened just feet in front of us.
The images are outof focus.... rats.
Neither bird was in the middle.


And, then we had to come home.


holdingmoments said...

That looks an awesome place to be Dale.
And what a drama to have unfold before you.

Hocus Fokus Awracadabra Art Prezentire said...

great,great,great photos :-)

Kathie Brown said...

Amazing! What a sight to see!