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Friday, June 6, 2014

Red Fox, the show off

Driving along the road we look out and see a Red Fox. 
In my mind I think "Ok" I have about 20 seconds to get some images that might be good. 
I jump out of the car and walk over the hill. The fox is gone out of sight and I can't find it. I turn to return to the car and there it is behind me. I take what I think will be the only images but it just sits there and poses like a trained calendar fox. 
It looks at me and then to the side. It stretches, scratches, shows its just polished teeth and then, just for a moment smiles and strikes that wind blown pose. 

Then it turns, crosses the road again and is gone.


JoLynne Lyon said...

He's a handsome fellow. I've seen foxes, but they've never posed for me!

holdingmoments said...

What a superb set Dale.