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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Moose, the Old Man and a pond...

So, last Saturday evening I ran away from home and went to the mountains.

You know, "The mountains are calling, and I must go!" 

 I sneak into a Beaver Pond and sure enough there is a Bull Moose feeding in the water. I sneak up slowly and quietly moving only when he is eating in the water. I get to the waters edge but am still behind some bushes so I start to move along a log which is on the ground and also leads to the edge of the brush where I want to be.
Then and old man comes along, falls off of the log, saves his camera but scares the heck out of the moose. The moose throws his head into the air, scrambles through the pond, over the dam and poof... hes gone. The old man gets up, thinks a few things and wanders off to take photos of flowers and trees and bugs.
Some days are like that.


Hilary said...

How frustrating. I would be a tad irked. Well, more than a tad. Still, it's a lovely area and those wildflowers look to be very peace-inducing.

George said...

That 'old man' got some marvelous photos, even if he did miss the moose.